Hidden Treasure
Tuesday 15 April, 2008

I've touched on this briefly before, but Paul Talling's Derelict London really deserves further exploration, so to speak.

A pocket-sized Bible depicting the London that you won't read about in any conventional tourist guide; it's perfect for putting in your back pocket and setting off to explore what remains of London from a different age.

With 2012 changing the face of many parts of the city forever, now is the time to take stock of what's left of our industrial past. Talling takes you on a trip North to South, East to West, conveniently breaking down the rubble of London into themed sections, reflecting different areas of urban life.

Living, Working, Eating & Drinking, Relaxing, Serving, Travelling, Fighting, Resting and Regenerating. And yes, there's even a section on the Deep Level Air Raid Shelters from World War 2.

Each location is lovingly presented with some stunning photography. For every cliche (Aldwych tube,) there's a hidden delight (Raleigh House in Brixton.)

It's the kind of read that will inspire you to pound the streets and poke around where you really shouldn't. Which is reason enough alone to fork out for the £9.99 cover price.

Essential London reading (and walking.)